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Writer Android Hit 1,052 Hit Date 19-03-20 03:10
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  • Make one
  • $0.99 FREE
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  • Experience a very simple and logical puzzle.
  • 4.8

▶ PGC London 2019 3rd place
▶ GIGDC 2018 won the bronze medal award

Make one is a simple and logical puzzle game.

The goal is simple.
Combine blocks into a single block.

Tired of the tutorial every time you play a new game?
This game does not have a tutorial.
Do not worry ! Without a tutorial, the game naturally understands everything.

Are you tired of reading a lot of texts?
This game text does not exist.
Slowly enjoy the game while listening to comfortable music.

A total of 150 levels of puzzles
You can not clear all levels in one day.
Develop your brain with a piece of cake!

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