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Tools Privacy Filter Pro - guard from prying eyes

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  • Privacy Filter Pro - guard from prying eyes
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  • Tap a widget onceu003cbru003eGuard from prying eyes
  • 3.6

Privacy Filter Pro has been created to guard your privacy from the prying eyes of others.
When you use your smart phone in a crowded place, your screen can be seen by everyone.
This app solves that problem!

If you're worried about prying eyes in the train or other public places, turn the filter on!
The fancy filter will safely guard your screen from prying eyes.

Also, do you ever find the screen too bright when you're using your smart phone before bed?
If so, you can reduce the blue light by choosing an orangeish filter.
It also helps reduce eye strain.

Place the widget wherever you like on your screen, and easily switch it on and off whenever you need it.

[Function Description]
"TAP TO FILTER" - Turns the filter on.
"TAP TO UNFILTER" - Turns the filter off.
"STATUS BAR" - You can switch it on and off from the status bar.
"FLOATIN' WIDGET" - Switch it on and off from the widget that you can place anywhere.
"TRANSPARENCY" - Change the filter's transparency.
"PATTERN" - Choose different filter patterns.

*Make your battery last longer with this light app!
- Because it cuts all unnecessary processes, your battery will last longer than when using other privacy screen apps.
- Because it doesn't run any processes when you don't have the filter on, other apps will run smoothly.

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